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Garment Manufacturing Technology
The program focuses on strengthening of key technological functions of apparel industry and understanding of industrial engineering and ergonomic techniques. The emphasis is on production planning, control and management practices applicable in the apparel industry. The basic objective of this programme is to enhance the student's perception of the commercial environment and match it with professional understanding of manufacturing technology, marketing and management principles related to the Garment industry. Successful Garment Production is all about operating a cutting, sewing and finishing plant and maintaining it ship shape, planning its capacity utilization, running production jobs, ordering raw materials, maintaining inventories of inputs and outputs, effecting high quality standards, and above, all managing a skilled, semi-skilled manpower that makes up almost seventy-five percent of any fashion company's work force.
Course Duration
Certificate Course : Six Months
Diploma Course : One Year
Course Structure
Certificate course (Six Months) Diploma Course (One Year)
  Elements of Design   Elements of Design & Design Ideas
  Drafting and Pattern Layouts   Advanced Drafting & Pattern layouts
  Pattern Making   Commercial Pattern Making
  Embroidery   Traditional Embroidery
  Garment Construction   CAD
      Designer Garment Construction
      Project / Port Folio
Fashion Co-ordinator, Production Manager, Pattern Master, Faculty Quality Controller