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Textile designing
Textile design is the process of creating designs and structures forKnitting knitted Weavingwoven non-woven or embellishments of Textile fabrics. Textile Design is specifically designed to meet industrial requirements nationally and internationally. The course supports modern professional practices where Designs are implemented and realized as entire wearable collections, or as accessories, or as products within interior space. The course also teaches the management of skills and techniques in the Design process covering both the contemporary and the traditional. Computerized textile designing forms an important element of the course giving the state of art technology to the students, grooming them to be a competent professional in the world of textiles. Sustainability and design ethics are emphasized at each stage to gain value based professional competencies.
  • The main objective is to provide "good education that liberates.
  • To enable and encourage students to rely on their unique and rich cultural background as a       foundation for their learning growth and transformation.
  • To build and consolidate the leadership position through successful collaboration, market       intelligence and through research and development.
  • To design such administrative structure that is team based, result oriented and students centric that       would foster continuous student and faculty development.
  • To create an environment where students and faculties can learn from mutual experiences and       excel as individuals and as team members in fulfillment of dift's mission.
  • To offer need based programme by giving vocational and professional orientation to the courses.